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The Delegation comprising Malaysian enterprises made investigation and research at the company.
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        The delegation led by Dato'Sri Xie Guozhong, the President of Malaysia Yifeng Group, Dato Lin Tianfa, the President of Aolvmei Company, Dato Huang Jiliang, the Executive Chairman of Hehe Compay, Dato Yang Quanbao, the President of Set Construction Sdn Bhd and Bian Jing, the President of Shaanxi Zhisen Pulp Paper Engineering Co., Ltd., made investigation and research at the company on July 4-7.

       The company's General Manager Chen Baozhi, Deputy General Manager Wu Jianjin, Chief Accountant Li Chengfu, Deputy General Manager Zhou Bo and other staff warmly received the delegation. Dato Li Huaqing, the Executive Chairman of Zhonghe Huaxing Development (Malaysia) Co., Ltd. and leaders of the Export-Import Bank of China Jiangsu Branch, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Jiangsu Branch, relevant departments under the Head Office, the Business Division for International Projects, Huwei Company and Mechanization Company participated in the communication.

       Zhou Bo and Li Huaqing signed project cooperation agreements with the delegation enterprises on behalf of China Nuclear Industry Huaxing Construction Co., Ltd. and Zhonghe Huaxing Development (Malaysia) Co., Ltd., respectively, which further promoted strategic cooperation between Chinese and Malaysian enterprises, and provided experience and foundation for follow-up development of Southeast Asia and international market.

       Chen Baozhi made a welcoming speech on behalf of the company, by which he looked back into the profound friendship and cooperation between Chinese and Malaysian enterprises, and introduced the company's development concept "nuclear oriented, equal stress laid on the two industries and proper diversified development", business development and progress of the deepened reform to the visitors. The Financial Service Department of the company and Huawei Company exhibited the business mode "financing+ project construction", development of financial service, park planning, construction and operation as well as achievements gained.

       The two parties made deepened communication about cooperative development of Malaysian market, and achieved cooperation intentions on PPA1M government security housing project of Yifeng Group, environmental industrial park project of Aolvmei Company, Bingcheng Avenue and the 3rd passageway project, the apartment and hotel project of Hehe Company at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, the comprehensive development project and theme park project at Sarawak of SET Company.

       During the communication, Chen Baozhi expressed his hope to deepen understanding about the delegation enterprises, launch cooperation between the two parties gradually by making use of their own advantages, and realize win-win development. Li Huaqing hoped that, the company may develop rapidly by taking Malaysia as the starting point, Southeast Asia as the platform and the world as the stage. According to Dato'Sri Xie Guozhong and others, the company enjoys core technology and unique advantages in construction, and it is especially featured by its achievements gained in construction techniques. The company is expected to integrate its advantages in resources and make full use of its superiority as a central enterprise to grow stronger and larger. The two parties are expected to build strong cooperative relationships to create a better future together. 

       According to the leaders of the Export-Import Bank of China Jiangsu Branch and Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Jiangsu Branch, they would pay much attention to the strategic cooperation between Chinese and Malaysian enterprises, provide strong support and service for financing of overseas projects, so as to promote realization of the strategic goal "going out" of China Nuclear Industry Huaxing Construction Co., Ltd.

       During the period of investigation and research, the visitors visited Aomei mansion project, Jiangning High-tech Venture Park project and Binjiang nuclear power modular base already put into operation, all of which were constructed by the company, so as to know about the progress of projects under construction and construction management.

       In the past 42 years that China and Malaysia have established diplomatic relations, their cooperation is deepened in various areas, and also shows strong vitality and momentum. Now China's strategy "One Belt and One Road" is being implemented vigorously, which provides enormous space for economic cooperation between the two countries. The company pays high attention to the development opportunity by developing economic cooperation with countries along the line and establishing Zhonghe Huaxing Development (Malaysia) Co., Ltd., so as to lay solid foundation for development of Malaysian market. This investigation and research made by the delegation comprising Malaysian enterprises is the one with largest scale, longest time and most cooperation intentions achieved in the cooperation course of Chinese and Malaysian enterprises. After 4 days' in-depth discussion and communication, the two parties deepened their friendship, planned the future development direction, laying a solid foundation for the company to develop Malaysian market and implement the strategy of "going out".

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