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Two Major Milestones Currently Met on time Rapid3 Package, Petronas, Malaysia
time£º2016-05-20  from£ºHXCC  Viewed£º5474 times


    On April 20th, Equipment foundation was handed over to MEC works, and  On April 26, first Precast RC column was installed, which are two major milestones completed by us in Rapid3, symbolized the first transformation from Civil work to MEI works successfully.

    Rapid3 is the first project that is mainly operated by domestic staffs. Its aboveground structure is made of 1529 Pieces of Precast RC  Beams and columns , column up to 20.8m high and beam up to 38 tons.

    To achieve the heavy lifting, the Project Team prepare the detail Method Statement through consultant. And mockup lifting in the Precast Yard to ensure one time successfully.

    During the heavy lifting, the rigging teams completed follow up the Method statement step by step. Under the cooperation of two crawler cranes 150 t and 80 t, the first column 18m high was stable inserted the Box-out in the foundation through 2hrs . with position and level compliance with design confirmed by site inspection.

    The heavy lifting of Precast element means RAPID 3 Steps into MEI works. 4 days before the first beam installation, the Equipment numbered R0001, 4m in diameter and 34 tons in weight, was installed on  equipment area, called as Block 1420 completed by us.

    Up to the April 26, overall schedule has been reached to 26%.

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