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  Before using this website, please make sure that you have carefully read all the terms of this statement. Once you use this website, which indicates your accepting this statement unconditionally, you shall abide by the provisions of this statement and relevant laws.
  The copyright of this website is all reserved to China Nuclear Industry Huaxing Construction Company Limited (referred to as HXCC hereinafter).

  The Website Content’s Source and Copyright All Reserved
  1. The copyright of anything present in this website, including that of trademark, design, text, images and any other information, unless otherwise noted, all belongs to HXCC.
  2 The HXCC network services include: text, images, graphics and other information, of which all the content are subject to the relevant legal protection mentioned above.

  Quotation from This Website
  1、 If you follow the Copyright Law and HXCC’s Copyright Statement, you can go through and download the content for noncommercial use. As for commercial use (e.g. copy, download, store or through the hard copy or electronic grab system, send, convert, lease, demonstrate, spread, publish, or give out any content of this site in any way, or create derivatives related to the content), you must get a written permission from HXCC and make a clear annotation that the resource and copyright belong to HXCC when using it. To the websites and print media that violate the relevant laws and regulations to make no annotations to the source when using the content of this site in disregard of this copyright statement and without the permission from this site, this website reserves the right of taking legal measures and inquiring their legal liability
  2、 If you want to use the content that is contained in this site but is provided by other organizations, groups or business institutions, please contact the corresponding copyright holder directly. Anything and any legal liability related to that has nothing to do with this site.
  3、Anyone and any organization that are allowed to copy and spread in any way all the content in this site shall abide by the terms beneath as well:
(1) Make sure that the excerpts or quotations reflect the true meaning of the original text.
(2) Make an annotation to the source, i.e. the URL of this site: http://www.cnhxcc.com..cn

  HXCC makes a clear statement: we are not responsible for the direct, indirect, incidental, consequential or special loss because of your access to or use of this website, including the loss caused by the virus attacking your computer equipment or by the reliance on the information obtained from this website.

  Although HXCC strives to make sure the correctness and timeliness of all the information in the site, but it cannot be guarantee that it is completely correct and the latest. Thus, HXCC makes no commitment to the accuracy, completeness or authenticity of the information, and takes no responsibility for the delay, fault and omission of the information. This site and all the information in it are what they are as provided to you, involving no other meanings or implications.
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