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  China Nuclear Industry Huaxing Construction Co., Ltd is a large and comprehensive construction company, with shares held by China Nuclear Engineering Group Corporation directly under state central management. It is a leading enterprise of nuclear power construction at home and abroad, and a domestically well-known construction company with supreme qualification for housing construction and a military enterprise group with rich experience of military engineering.

  HXCC adopts a corporation management mode with project division as the core, possessing over 40 subsidiaries and share-holding companies and around 8000 staff.. HXCC takes nuclear power engineering, non-nuclear civil engineering and military engineering as its major business, with business capacity of complete value chain of construction industry such as investment and financing, research and development, engineering consulting, survey, design, civil engineering, installation, manufacturing, supervision, property and so on.

  HXCC was founded in 1958, with the excellent tradition and profound military background,  undertook the construction of the test base of China’s “A-bomb, H-bomb and nuclear-powered submarine” and many other nuclear and military projects. At present, the business income from military engineering accounts for about 10%.

  Since 1983, HXCC took part in the construction of China’s first nuclear power plant. By 2010, among the 15 operating nuclear reactors in China HXCC's work share accounts for 11 reactors. Meanwhile, HXCC also plays as a general contractor of the only two nuclear power plants China exported .

  By the end of 2010, HXCC undertook the construction work of 15 nuclear islands in Guangdong Lingao, Liaoning Hongyanhe, Fujian Ningde, Guangdong Yangjiang, and Guangxi Fangchenggang at the same time. HXCC outperformed the target of “constructing 8 to 12 reactors at the same time” that pointed out in “Eleventh Five-Year Plan”, becoming the contractor of nuclear power construction with the most nuclear islands under construction in the world.

  In the field of civil engineering, in addition to the supreme grade for housing construction, HXCC also possesses 34 grade-1 qualifications and 19 grade-2 qualifications, including survey, design, electric power, petrochemical, blasting, decoration and so on, and over 30 qualifications such as independent foreign economic cooperation, special equipment design, use explosives objects and so on. HXCC has undertaken plenty of influential industrial and civil engineering, such as Yizheng Chemical Fiber, Nanjing Investment Building, Shanghai Volkswagen, Shanghai Jinjiang Longbai Longyuan, Shanghai International Gymnastics Center, the upgrades and expansion of Shanghai Bailonggang Sewage Treatment Plant, Chongqing New York· New York, Chongqing Yingli Building, Kunming G-City Shopping Plaza, Xiamen Software Park, Guangdong Nanhai Petrochemical and so on, covering more than 20 provinces and municipalities directly under the central government, as well as Singapore, Pakistan, Algeria, Jordan and other countries. Construction of liquefied natural gas (LNG) project is one of the most competitive types in the civil engineering, which is currently occuping more than 80% of China's market share.

  HXCC attaches great importance to the role of R & D in the growth of the enterprise. At present, there are over 800 professional engineering and technical personnel with intermediate or senior professional titles, who carry out independent research and development and possess a lot of core construction and key construction technologies with independent intellectual property rights, such as integral casting technology of raft-foundation of nuclear island, mass concrete concreting and mix proportion optimization technique, modular construction technology, civil high-rise building construction technology, deep foundation construction technology, machinery into holes filling pile hole cleaning construction technology under special geological conditions, as-cast finish concrete construction technology, positioning technology of polar coordinates in complex fields or conditions, etc. In recent years, HXCC obtains over 10 patents authorized by the state every year.

  With the cultural slogan of “Create Value, Pursue for Perfection”, HXCC takes the customers as the focus of our attention and always makes sure that the quality is the first. We continuously improve the quality of the product and the service as well as the basic management, formed a series of standardized outline and procedure for the quality assurance of nuclear power, implement comprehensively system management of quality, professional health safety and environmental management, and gradually bring in performance management concept and zero defect thought. As a result, in recent years, HXCC is awarded nearly 200 prizes from national awards and provincial ones, including the construction engineering “Luban Prize”.

  Centering on the development strategy and plan, HXCC accomplishes the business upgrade during “Eleventh Five-year Plan”, and will expand to other fields such as engineering consultation and service, investment and financing on the basis of construction engineering, forming sustainable business combination. With “the research and development of products with independent intellectual property rights” and “application of investment and financing” as our two wings, HXCC will stride to become modern enterprise with assets of 10 billion yuan and achieve the overall improvement of business scale, profitability and management level.
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